John, Linda, Michael & Nika are available for competitive coaching in both Ballroom & Latin American dancesport.

The Surrey Hills Dance Centre is well respected both in the UK and internationally for the coaching it provides to all standards of competitors of all ages from Juvenile to Senior.

We have coached Juvenile (under 12 years) Ballroom and Latin American champions within the UK, Junior (12-16 years) Ballroom & Latin American champions within the UK and England's representatives in world championships. In the adult ranks, we have coached a number of top international couples, including winners of the 2013 World Youth Ballroom championship, 2014 British Open Youth Ballroom championship, and other major world events.

We attend most major UK and international events, and John is on-hand to provide round-by-round support for all couples he coaches.

Competitors lessons are usually on Saturdays and Sundays, daytime, with a small number of daytime and late evening slots available weekdays.

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Open Circuit Competitions
We support the open circuit - competitors dancing on the open circuit come from across the country and abroad. The competitions at an event are specific to an age-group and sometimes also standard.


We also support international and major national "teacher / pupil" open circuit competitions.

There are dress codes and choreographic rules for Juveniles (Under 12 years).

Open circuit competitors represent themselves not any specific dance school and are at liberty to get training where they wish.