Version 10: 5th June 2021

Online Private Lessons & Classes

There are no planned online classes at this time.

Private Lessons can be arranged by contacting us.

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Online private lessons can be successfully used to improve the following aspects of your dancing:

  • Understanding of the Ballroom frame, types of movement, balance and control, partnering skills, body mechanics and dance characterisation

  • Understanding of Latin American movements, balance and control, partnering skills, body mechanics and dance characteristics

  • Review of small units of choreography.

You could be in your own home or in a hall / studio.

We will usually be in our own home.



Using Zoom, Facetime or Google Duo (for private lessons), Zoom only for classes.



Please pay by Bank Transfer if possible. If this is not possible, please talk to us about alternatives.

Taking part in Online Sessions - Conditions

Please read the following information and conditions before you join / take part in classes:

  • You are responsible for ensuring the space you undertaken this online class in is suitable and safe. This includes ensuring the space is a sufficient size to accommodate you moving freely and the space should also be free from obstacles / dangerous items.

  • You should not allow your siblings / others to participate alongside you, unless you have at least 2 metres between you, an appropriate space such as a large room / studio, and they are of the appropriate dance level to take part.

  • We require you to be warmed up before the dance class, as we always ask of you, and to inform the teacher of any injuries or conditions that they need to be aware of. If this is of a personal nature, you should send an email to the relevant school email address the day before the class.

  • We accept no liability for any injuries sustained by those participating in the classes, nor do we accept any liability for damage to personal property caused during the dance classes.

  • All under 16s must be supervised during the class by an appropriate adult.

By signing up to take part in online classes and private lessons, and in being a part of our dance community, you agree to adhere to the above terms.